We have plotted brainwave activity into a knitted pattern. Using a wearable, non-invasive EEG headset, we recorded users’ affective states while listening to Bach’s “Goldberg Variations”, concretely the aria and its first seven variations. The audio was about 10 minutes ...Read More


This publication has been created by conducting numerous scanning trips across Seoul city. Me and Varvara Guljajeva were interested in exploring urban information layer and its network density. Metaphorically speaking, the art project underlines digital landscape of the city. We have ...Read More


By exploring digital landscapes and excess of wireless communication in urban space, we started to search for poetic expression by applying radio waves. The intention was to create totally invisible and intangible work that will exist in the air. Hence ...Read More


"The Rhythm of São Paulo" by Mar Canet and Guljajeva Varvara. (2012) The artwork was produced especially for the new SP Urban Festival curated by Susa Pop / Public Art Lab. SP_Urban Digital Festival was made in December 2012. We were ...Read More


Kombi(2012) Kombi is a foot-powered knitted car for maximum of 3 people. Kombi has been knitted with Knitic the open source knitting machine that me and Varvara Guljajeva are developing. It was a residency project at Marginalia+Lab in Belo Horizonte, ...Read More


Budgie Waltz is an art installation that enables budgerigars, or in short, just budgies to play a piano. Each time entering and leaving their houses, the birds trigger a piano key. Each entrance (in total 32) to the bird's house ...Read More


"Copyright is for losers" is an art project that aims to highlight the abuse of copyright law by certain companies, which make a fortune by copyrighting well-known songs, like "Happy Birthday". Hence, the art project consists of an Amazon parrot ...Read More


SPAMpoetry is a series of knitted works containing visual poetry from collected spam. The process consists of 2 main parts: 1. generating poetry from collected SPAM 2. modifying an electronic knitting machine in order to give SPAMpoetry a knitted form. Concerning the concept, ...Read More


Interactive piece at exhibition "Habitantes y Paseantes" in new Council house of Madrid at Plaza Cibeles. The project was develop by Lummo (http://lummo.es) during end 2010 and beginning 2011. The technical and artistic Direction was done by Mar Canet and Carles ...Read More


Popcorn for Cycling (2011) is exactly what the name says: only if one cycles enough to a power popcorn machine, he/she will get popcorn! The artwork is extremely participative and social! Because only active cycling will lead to reward and minimum ...Read More