The project is developed in collaboration with Varvara Guljajeva. Brief Description: The Rhythm of City is a mixed reality real-time artwork that applies geo-located social data from Twitter, Flickr, and Youtube for an artistic purpose. Modified metronomes are performing in the rhythm ...Read More


Echinodermata - is a series of behavior-based organic sculptures that are able to breathe. Through breathing, which is one of the main signs of live, we are relating Echinodermata to nature. However, we are not trying to hide the technology ...Read More


Casastristes.org, by Mar Canet, Gerald Kogler, Jordi Puig, explores housing problems in Spain. Its objective is to serve as an information and resources exchange platform in line with the Web 2.0 philosophy, through the creation of a reliable public database ...Read More


LummoBlocks is a new version of the legendary Tetris game designed to create social interaction between people in the Plaza de las Letras, in Madrid. There are 2 versions of the game. In the one for 4 players, players must ...Read More


Project description: "Shopping in 1 minute" is an artgame that is playfully criticizing the increasing desire of society for consumption. Our inspiration for creating the artgame came from the craziness of people during the sales period: long lines in front of ...Read More


World2020 is an interactive post-catastrophic landscape installation. In the year 2020 planet Earth has become a place that is almost impossible to live in, following radical climatic changes due to the effects of the continuous exploitation of resources and the ...Read More


My name is - is a metaphorical visualization of nowadays-human beings.  In my point of view we are not bounded to one body anymore. We are extended through networks to infinity. The location does not matter, what matters is ...Read More


It is a net.art project. It is a place of anonymity, which accumulate impossible love histories. Everyone deposit their lost loves, and can inform the recipient that someone mentioned this at some point in a story and has been included ...Read More


The inspector is a tool for SGAE (spanish society for authors and editors ) inspectors to assist them check which register music in his database can be download from Torrent servers.It is a tool that wants try to change the ...Read More

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GameBroker, a project developed in collaboration with David Pello (ladecadence.net). The project talks about the last three historical crisis in a serie of minigames for original Nintendo Gameboy(TM) . Three different computer games bring us back to the past financial ...Read More