The Highest Human Tower is a new art project commissioned by Mobile World Capital inspired by the Catalan tradition of Castells (human towers). The onsite installation is open for everyone to enter and experience. Don't miss the chance to be ...Read More


The aim of art installation is the visualisation of stock markets’ volume in real-time. For us volume is an interesting figure to play with, since it is an indicator for a liquidity in the market. Speed of Market is an art ...Read More


Photo by Andrew Meredith A piece that looks at reimagining how we share our innermost wishes with the world. What if you could say your wish out loud and have it magically released into the world for people to see? In ...Read More


  Binoculars at MediaFacade Festival Helsinki Binoculars to… Binoculars from… is an installation, which is able to connect to a number of cities in an extraordinary way. When you look through the binoculars, instead of seeing the scene physically in front of ...Read More


Baltic Sea Radio (2012) Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet Sola Baltic Sea Radio is an art project that makes use of the Baltic Sea traffic for artistic purposes and offers a novel sonic experience to the audience. The artwork reflects the local ...Read More


sixTouchOSC is a sonic iPhone application that allows creative engagement and experience by manipulation of 6 oscillators. One is able to control the frequency and volume of each oscillator independently from other ones. Hence 6-touch-oscillator is as well an instrument ...Read More


The project is a real-time sonic installation and silk prints of the visualization of ships position and movements in the sea. We are applying AIS radar for catching radio waves that ships are constantly sending. Hence, we are able to ...Read More


Shopping in 1 Minute (Mobile version) (2011) is a mobile game-art project for activism purpose. We have developed an application for iPhone that helps us to convert Shopping malls into playgrounds! We encourage everyone to play instead of shopping!!! The project is ...Read More


Execution#X (2011) is an art project that combines photography, manual and machine-based generative art, game-art, and participation. Starting with photography, over 500 vending machines in Japan were collected by taking photographs. This huge collection was arranged on a canvas by a ...Read More