World2020 is an interactive post-catastrophic landscape installation. In the year 2020 planet Earth has become a place that is almost impossible to live in, following radical climatic changes due to the effects of the continuous exploitation of resources and the high level of pollution. Several scientists have made very dramatic predictions for the next hundred years. For example, the renowned British physicist Stephen Hawking recently predicted the colonization of Mars by 2046 in order for mankind to survive. The installation *World 2020* opens a window into the future of this imaginary world. It is an immersive real-time generated scene showing where humanity just can’t live anymore. Instead people live underground and the installation represents a vantage point to the Earth’s surface. The audience has to wear special security goggles before they get offered a glimpse at three different scenarios of the world in 2020. This project tries to make an impact on the public by showing a possible future scenario about our current home planet.


Idea and concept: Mar canet sola
Technical development: Dietmar suoch, Mar canet sola
Artistic direction: Mar Canet Sola, Dietmar Suoch
3d artist: Jayme Cochrane, Timm Wilks and Marcin WodzyƄski
Exhibition design: Marc Atanes