This game was shown at facade festival during Ars Electronica 2009.

The game is played by two teams of four, each team with a unique color. Each player is one pixel in the building and uses a wireless gamepad to move and shoot pixels around the building trying to score points or kill members of the other team. Players can block shots from the other team to prevent them from losing pixels and losing the game. The game uses a unique screen of more than 1000 pixels and a huge size that will entertain all players.

The facade of the AEC building is an interactive screen and an open platform for creativity than more than thousand pixels. Each pixel in a normal AEC windows are 3m width by 2 height and It can show any RGB color done with a 4 LED system (RGB+ white). The game was first time presented at Saturday 9th September 2009.

>> Other video played in february 2010


Concept and development: Mar Canet

Sound: Enrique Tomas

Special thanks for help to Futurelab members: Andreas Pramboeck and Christopher Lindinger.

Thanks to Javi Lloret to record the video.