GameBroker, a project developed in collaboration with David Pello ( The project talks about the last three historical crisis in a serie of minigames for original Nintendo Gameboy(TM) . Three different computer games bring us back to the past financial crisis to 80′s, 90′s and dotcom crisis in 2000. The games make a player to discover the main reasons of each crisis, like the huge oil price increase, fast interest rate increase, or an enterprice bubble. Moreover the games remain as a classical 8bits games that challenge a player with questions about every crisis. Correct answers give a player extra points that increase his/her final score (and gain the most posssible money). Gamebroker invites to re-think the nature of financial crisis as a circle-phenomenon that is coming and going during last decades.

The three games combine a minigame with questions referring to the crisis that is talking about, becoming a way to learn about and remember the past bubbles.

80′s crisis
In the mini-game about 80′s crisis the enemy is the increasing price of petrol and comodities (raw materials like iron, coal, etc…). Moreover a player needs to destroy the high prices by shooting, otherwise the prices go even higher. The game design reminds the classical game called Space Invaders.

90′s Crisis
At that time the high interest rates set the piece of world into dangerous. A player has to fight against the high interest rates and answer questions related to this crisis in the game Arkanoid Style.

Dotcom Crisis
Dotcom bubbles exploded around 2000 and put the whole world economy at risk. A player has to stop the dotcom bubble by hunting meteors in Asteroids. A palyer needs to answer all questions in order to increase the score.

DIY technology and open source

In order to release this new games for GameBoy(TM) platform, we developed our own DIY cadbridge and used some open software tools like GBDK, GBTD, GBMB, ATC and Lemon player. We have now technology that allow us to produce small series of cadbridges (designed by David Pello) that run in original gameboys and gameboy advance. Thus are able to become an indie game develpment studio for gameboy.

GameBroker ha sido desarrollado para su presentaciĆ³n en el festival Innmotion en junio 2009 @ CCCB, Barcelona.