The aim of art installation is the visualisation of stock markets’ volume in real-time. For us volume is an interesting figure to play with, since it is an indicator for a liquidity in the market.
Speed of Market is an art piece that points out an innovative and artistic way for applying stock market data as a score. At the same time, the data represents the activity of a stock market, because the score is composed by its real-time data. The goal is to metaphorically describe financial activity by extracting the stock market data and translating it into the rhythm of a physical metronome in real time. In short, a metronome represents a stock market and follows it rhythm in real-time. It means when there are no trading going on, like weekends, the metronomes are still.
The installation consists of 10 modified metronomes whose rhythms correspond to the selected stock market’s volume: the bigger volume of a stock market, faster moves the metronome.
The audience is given a chance to discover and experience an alternative way of perceiving stock market’s data. Our concerns are about the malleability of the digital world to the physical one, and the interpretation of financial data for artistic purposes. The installation is a sonic and at the same time visual interface for perceiving the volume and also pace of life of different stock markets, which are normally described in numbers and graphs.

This project was shown by Gallery Priveekollektie in art Fair PAD London 2014.