Budgie Waltz is an art installation that enables budgerigars, or in short, just budgies to play a piano. Each time entering and leaving their houses, the birds trigger a piano key. Each entrance (in total 32) to the bird's house ...Read More


"Copyright is for losers" is an art project that aims to highlight the abuse of copyright law by certain companies, which make a fortune by copyrighting well-known songs, like "Happy Birthday". Hence, the art project consists of an Amazon parrot ...Read More


SPAMpoetry is a series of knitted works containing visual poetry from collected spam. The process consists of 2 main parts: 1. generating poetry from collected SPAM 2. modifying an electronic knitting machine in order to give SPAMpoetry a knitted form. Concerning the concept, ...Read More


sixTouchOSC is a sonic iPhone application that allows creative engagement and experience by manipulation of 6 oscillators. One is able to control the frequency and volume of each oscillator independently from other ones. Hence 6-touch-oscillator is as well an instrument ...Read More


Interactive piece at exhibition "Habitantes y Paseantes" in new Council house of Madrid at Plaza Cibeles. The project was develop by Lummo ( during end 2010 and beginning 2011. The technical and artistic Direction was done by Mar Canet and Carles ...Read More


The project is a real-time sonic installation and silk prints of the visualization of ships position and movements in the sea. We are applying AIS radar for catching radio waves that ships are constantly sending. Hence, we are able to ...Read More


Popcorn for Cycling (2011) is exactly what the name says: only if one cycles enough to a power popcorn machine, he/she will get popcorn! The artwork is extremely participative and social! Because only active cycling will lead to reward and minimum ...Read More


Shopping in 1 Minute (Mobile version) (2011) is a mobile game-art project for activism purpose. We have developed an application for iPhone that helps us to convert Shopping malls into playgrounds! We encourage everyone to play instead of shopping!!! The project is ...Read More


Execution#X (2011) is an art project that combines photography, manual and machine-based generative art, game-art, and participation. Starting with photography, over 500 vending machines in Japan were collected by taking photographs. This huge collection was arranged on a canvas by a ...Read More


The project is developed in collaboration with Varvara Guljajeva. Brief Description: The Rhythm of City is a mixed reality real-time artwork that applies geo-located social data from Twitter, Flickr, and Youtube for an artistic purpose. Modified metronomes are performing in the rhythm ...Read More