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Anthony Spinella wins WSOPC Harrah’s Las Vegas 2019

Anthony Spinella is the big winner of the Main event of the WSOPC Harrah’s Las Vegas 2019. In addition to the gold rings and bracelets that the champion already had, is added a new gold ring, the tidy sum of $ 192,199 and a pass of access to the 2020 world casino championship. For Spinella this is a first victory in a live tournament. To achieve this victory, the latter had to defeat 665 participants, including many champions like Nipun Java and many others.

His first victory in a live tournament

The main event of the WSOPC Harrah’s Las Vegas2019 recently ended with the victory of Anthony Spinella. After 50 victories at the WSOP, here comes another title for the champion, and not the least. For the two-time online poker champion, it was a novelty to win a WSOPC title in a physical (offline) casino; in fact, he had already managed to land a gold ring and bracelet, but only in online tournaments.

Moreover, when he shared his point of view on the pleasure of playing online or live, he explained that he appreciated the two processes, one allowing him to be in the wake of his son to home, and the other simply allowing him to enjoy the pleasure of playing live in a traditional casino.

This time around, Spinella not only wins a gold ring, he also wins the tidy sum of $ 192,199, and lands his entry ticket to the 2020 World Casino Championship.

This is a victory of the most difficult to obtain, when we know that at the opening, out of the 665 participants registered on December 19, only 143 remained in the race two days later and that 100 of them were rewarded. The minimum payout for this tournament was $ 2,555 for a prize pool of $ 1,007,475.

The battle for first place

13 players started the last day of the main event. At this point, each loser was cashing out a minimum of $ 11,509. Matt Affleck was the first to be kicked out, followed by James Hundt, René Lazaro and Stan Jablonski. Then, of the remaining 9, the ranking was as follows:

  • 9 th Benjamin Craig ($ 17 738)
  • 8 th Stephen Graner (22 $ 442),
  • 7 th Kfir Nahum ($ 28 746)
  • 6 th Adam Owen ($ 37 275)
  • 5 th Tim Reilly ($ 48 923)
  • 4 th Raul Martinez ($ 64 983)
  • 3 rd Jimmy Lee from Edmonton ($ 87,339),
  • 2 nd Nipun Java ($ 118,764),

Finally comes Spinella, the 1 st , with $ 192,199. The face-to-face with Java lasted less time (less than a level), unlike other clashes which took hours. Spinella was in the lead with 16 million chips, while his opponent had only 3.5 million. Like Spinella, Java had already had to win gold jewelry at the WSOP.

Spinella the father of the family confided to be delighted with the period during which he won this award. He also announced that part of this money would be used to buy a brand new dinosaur for his son.…