An open source software and library developed by Mar Canet, Varvara Guljajeva and Davey Taylor for uploading patterns to a Brother electronic knitting machines KH930, KH940 and soon as well KH950i. The software is the result of an on-going research on an electronic knitting machine as a digital knitting fabrication. The interface software is develop in Openframeworks and it is based in the "kh940knit" library made by Davey Taylor in "c" language. Davey Taylor, who is an amazing developer and hardware geek, he has decoded memory structure of the Brother KH940, kh930, kh950 knitting machines and written the core library for making file formats and uploading via serial port to machine. Original core library Davey published in his github account. If someone wants to add a new machine and extend Davey's library or contact him for adding compatibility to more knitting machines, you can reach him via email. We were lucky to meet Davey who developed the core library of this software during our residency at STPLN in Malmö where we were working on Spampoetry using using hacked Brother electronic knitting machines.
Last update, 01/06/2012.

The software allows automatic multiple-pattern upload from a computer to a knitting machine by emulating Floppy Disc Drive and reverse engineering file format of knitting machine.

Instructions how to upload a pattern(s)

1. Build cable to upload
Communication between a computer and a knitting machine is via FTDI cable that needs some modifications. See the schema for details.
2. Change the polarity of FTDI cable
Follow instructions here:
3. Install software
Go to the download section and choose the right operative system.
4. Prepare for uploading
First, erase input patterns from a knitting machine: CE, press 888, STEP. Wait couple of seconds and restart the machine (OFF and ON).
Second, upload patterns from a computer to a knitting machine: CE, press 551.
5. Upload patterns to software
Then follow the steps in software:
5. Finish upload
Press 1 and STEP -> uploading process to a track 1 will begin. Beep indicates the end of uploading process. Now all the patterns have been uploaded to the knitting machine memory.


Thanks to STPLN Sweden for giving opportunity to make residency with Spampoetry in Mälmo during May 2012.
As well we are grateful to Becky Stern, Steve Conklin, Ladyada, Travis Goodspeed and Fabienne Serriere , who kindly have shared their research results online.

Download (not available yet - hope soon)

Download patternUploader for windows: zip format
Download patternUploader for Mac OsX 10.6 and 10.7: dmg format
Download patternUploader for linux: zip format

Keywords digital fabrication, hacked knitting machine, knitting printer, kh940,kh930

Source. The source code of library kh940knit is available at GitHub, and its repository can be browsed here. Fork it and fix it!

Find a list of examples .

Spampoetry(2012) an art project by Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet. The artists recycle donated locative spam by creating algorithmic poems out of it. The generated poems are converted to patterns and knitted afterwards.
Here the catalogue from exhibition in STPLN.
And more about the project: